Our Services

At James R. Gray Funeral Home, we take pride in providing funeral services as unique as the people we serve.  Whether you wish to Pre-Plan for yourself or a loved one, arrange a Traditional Funeral or Direct Cremation, or simply discuss your options, our family is prepared to help your family make these important decisions.  

Traditional Funeral and Interment

Traditional Funerals take the form of three distinct events over the course of several days. These events include a period of Visitation, a Funeral Service and a Committal Service. A Traditional Funeral can be religious or secular, and can be personalized to meet the family’s wishes and to celebrate the life of their loved one. Visitation is a period of time for friends and family to gather at the funeral home to pay their respects and share memories with one another. The period of Visitation can occur at any time before the Funeral Service. The Funeral Service commonly takes place at a church, but may also take place at the funeral home. It can include music, the reading of literary or religious passages, a eulogy, prayer, and the singing of hymns. Most times, the Committal Service involves a vehicle procession from the Funeral Service to the cemetery, where family and friends will gather at the graveside or mausoleum.  A short prayer service or rite will take place before the casket or urn is interred. 

Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation is a cremation which happens in the days immediately following death, without any formal funeral service or visitation taking place before the body is cremated. A Direct Cremation is the least expensive and simplest form of disposition that is offered, and is growing in popularity for these reasons.  We have recognized this trend and reduced our fee to $895, which is approximately half the cost of other funeral homes in Western New York. 

Direct Burial

Direct Burial is an option in which the body is buried in the days immediately after death. Direct burial is the most affordable burial option because it does not include a formal funeral service, graveside service, or visitation. Embalming may not be necessary.  A memorial service may be arranged to take place at a later date.

Memorial Services

Memorial Services are arranged to take place separately from a burial or cremation, most often at a later date.  A Memorial Service may be less formal than traditional funeral services, may take place at a church, funeral home or any other place a family wishes to invite others.  This type of service may be led by clergy, a funeral director, a family member or friend.


One of the most important concepts of Pre-Planning is understanding and accepting the fact that someday your death will occur. When death occurs there are many decisions that need to be made in a timely manner. Emotions can be unpredictable during these times and the ability to make quick decisions may be affected. Pre-Planning will give you the opportunity to express your wishes formally, sparing your loved ones the difficult task of making these choices on your behalf in a time of grief.

Advantages of Pre-Planning include peace-of-mind knowing that each detail has been discussed and the assurance that you are comfortable with the funeral director and funeral home.

Advantages of Pre-Funding a funeral include relieving the financial burden on your surviving family members, Medicaid spend down eligibility and placement of funds into a secure interest bearing trust account to offset inflation.

Monument Design & Sales

We can assist you in choosing a monument style, design, inscription and installation.  We have decades of experience working with the best purveyors of stone in the U.S. and Canada and we can assist you in making informed decisions at affordable prices.

Funeral Merchandise

James R. Gray Funeral Home offers a wide selection of Wood and Metal Caskets, Urns, Burial Vaults, Keepsake Jewelry & Printed Materials (prayer cards, acknowledgment cards & register books). We will explain your options and help you make the best decisions for you and your family.