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Military Veterans

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 James R. Gray Funeral Home salutes all past and present members of the United States Armed Forces. We specialize in planning Military Funeral Honors & would be privileged to assist in securing any benefits your Veteran may be entitled to. 

*It is important to note, proof of the Veteran's military service is necessary to qualify. Documentation, such as a DD-214 must be available. To request a new copy, please visit this site.

VA Burial Benefits

The amount of money available to surviving family members to pay for final expenses can vary based on several different factors, so it is best to check VA Burial Benefits to find more information about eligibility.  For reference, the amount for a non-service related death is approximately $749 or less, while the amount for a service related death is approximately $2,000 or less. 

Survivor and Dependent Benefits

If a service-member died because of a service related injury or was killed during active duty, an eligible surviving spouse, dependent children and dependent parents may be eligible for a variety of benefits and services.  James R. Gray Funeral Home will assist these surviving family members in utilizing all resources that are available to help them after their loss. More information can be found here.

Burial Flag

Most families of U.S. Veterans are eligible to receive a flag that is meant to "drape a casket or accompany the urn of a deceased Veteran who served honorably in the U.S. Armed Forces."  James R. Gray Funeral Home will complete the application and obtain this flag for any family whose loved one meets eligibility requirements at no charge.  More information can be found here.

Presidential Memorial Certificate

A Presidential Memorial Certificate is an engraved paper certificate, meant to honor the service and memory of Veterans whom have died.  This document is signed by the current President of the United States and is available to the next-of-kin.  We can assist you in completing and submitting an application for this certificate if you would like to apply for one. More information about this certificate is available here.

VA National Cemeteries

Burial in a National Cemetery is an option for eligible veterans.  The VA National Cemeteries are located throughout the United States and offer urn burial and mausoleum niches and more information regarding their services is available here. Veterans and their families now have the ability to check their pre-need eligibility to be laid to rest in a National Cemetery.  James R. Gray Funeral Home can coordinate with the VA National Cemetery if the death has already occurred, on behalf of the family, for a veteran who wished to be interred there. More information can be found here.

Headstones and Markers

Eligible Veterans have the right to a headstone or grave marker if the Veteran is buried in a cemetery other than a National Cemetery, as well.  If you choose to have a committal ceremony in another cemetery, this benefit would be helpful to offset the additional costs of interment.*  For more information about this option, read more here.

Military Funeral Honors

If there is a committal service where a Veteran's urn will be buried in a cemetery, The VA will provide a military honor guard to perform military honors, including the playing of "Taps" to honor the Veteran's memory and service.  James R. Gray Funeral Home will arrange for this ceremony on behalf of the family, in the case that the family chooses to inter the urn.* More information about Military Honors can be found here.

*Interment and cemetery fees are additional charges