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Copy of Cremation Prices


Features Overview


Direct Cremation - $895

This is the simple & affordable choice for those who only require cremation without any other services. This option includes the transfer of your loved one into our care, filing of all necessary authorizations, the cremation container, transportation to the crematory and returning the cremated remains in a temporary urn or another vessel you may choose to purchase.


Cremation followed by A Church or Graveside service - $1,490

Includes each of the services listed with Direct cremation, as well as coordination and scheduling of services with the church or cemetery, transfer of urn to location of service, setup and on-site supervision of the service.


Cremation followed by a Memorial service at the funeral home - $1,795

Includes each of the services we provide for direct cremation, as well as the creation of a meaningful memorial service, use of the entire funeral home and supervision by our Licensed Funeral Directors for two hours.